Navigating Life From The Cross

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Are You Under Its Control?

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 Welcome. Thanks for joining our community of people who desire to know God deeply and have a life transformation.

In this video by Pastor Scott Thom titled "Are You Under Its Control?," a compelling story about a humorous encounter during a sheriff's ride-along highlights deeper insights into life's influences. Pastor Thom discusses the importance of being vigilant and sober-minded amidst various influences—emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. He prompts viewers to reflect on positive influences that nurture growth and well-being while also encouraging them to identify and eliminate negative influences that may subtly take control. This message urges personal responsibility and proactive steps towards living a balanced and intentional life.

Take this week and meditate on these questions
Discussion Questions:

What positive influences in your life contribute to your well-being and spiritual growth?
How can you identify and address negative influences or habits that may be affecting your life?
What steps can you take to actively filter out or eliminate negative influences?

Pray through the week for insight
Prayer Points:

Pray for clarity and insight to recognize any negative influences in your life.
Ask for strength and guidance to overcome harmful habits or attitudes.
Seek wisdom and discernment to strengthen positive influences and relationships in your life.

Navigating Life From The Cross ~ Theme Song

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Welcome to our Community

We pray this song will lift you up

Stumbling through this winding road desert
Lost in shadows murky times a blur
Seek refuge in a sacred light
Findin' hope in the dead of night

Rising sun breaks the darkest sky
Hold on tight spirit starts to fly
Feet on fire from this holy ground
Cross my compass soul unbound

Navigating life from the cross yeah
Guided by the scars and love lost yeah
Breath of life wind in my sails
Faith moves mountains breaks the trails

Hands lifted weightless endless praise
Echoes through the broken nights and days
Strumming strings a melody divine
Each note takes me closer to the line

Won't back down in the stormy gales
Belief like anchors never fails
Hearts embracing every sacrifice

Navigating life from the cross yeah
Shadows fade with every loss yeah
Breath of life wind in my sails
Faith moves mountains breaks the trails

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