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I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM and when I get a cut I bleed red chili.  (Question for you . . . Red or Green?)  In 1981, when I was in my 20’s I moved to Houston, Texas. During my stay in Houston I met and married this cute girl named Kathy. We moved to California so I could attend Bible College. We have three children, Michael, Maria, and Carissa and we currently reside in Albuquerque, N.M.


Surprise, surprise, I graduated from Manzano high school and attended the University of New Mexico until I moved to Houston. In California, I attended Calvary Chapel Bible College Twin Peaks and then Calvary Chapel West Covina Bible College from which I graduated in May of 1988. Behold, I also completed Calvary Chapel Golden Springs Master's and Pastoral programs.


In 1988 I had the privilege to be an associate pastor with Pastor Raul Ries at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs (a 12,000 member church) in Diamond Bar, California. I was heavily involved in many ministries. The Christian bookstore I managed was awarded as one of the top 100 in the country. I taught in the Bible College for 16 years and also was an instructor for Calvary Chapel Golden Springs Pastoral School. There were many classes I taught but specialized in Systematic Theology.

During that time, I recruited and trained over 3500 new believer instructors for the Somebody Loves You Crusades, 900 of which were active when I left. I also was involved in managing the computer network for Calvary Chapel Golden Springs and developing some of Pastor Raul Ries' books.


I had deep involvement with the making of A Venture in Faith video (a documentary of the history of the Calvary Chapel movement).


        Law Enforcement Chaplain

I am honored by this part. I was a chaplain to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs putting in many hours in a patrol car ministering to the deputies and the public. Also, I was with the Albuquerque Police Department and Valencia County Sheriff's as a Chaplain. 

When I was still an APD chaplain I had an emergency happenstance. While at the post office I heard a commotion and a woman screaming for help. Upon investigation I found her husband on the floor. He was not breathing and did not have a pulse. I performed CPR on him for a while then had his wife take over because people were panicking and hindering the rescue effort. They needed calmness and to allow the true heroes, the AFD, room to work.  When the Paramedics arrived on scene and were able to resuscitate the man. After a lengthy hospital stay, the man survived with some physical limitations.  I later received the distinguished “Life Saving” medal for performing CPR and working with the 911 operator.


I have traveled all over the United States, parts of South America and Israel.

Magazine Write-ups:

Moody Monthly Magazine wrote an article about a miraculous encounter I had during a hospital visit.  It was part of their Kingdom People tribute "Miracle in the Details"


I love discipling people for the kingdom, so I wrote a book about it.

"Discipleship on Fire, A step-by-step process to discipling anyone"

Radio Programs:

Cross Points Radio

You can listen to me teach verse by verse on the radio program Cross Points.  You probably love serious Bible study, Right? Am I right?  Thought so.


Leadership from the Cross

We are excited to announce this leadership program exclusively for radio-on-demand format.  It is a half hour leadership training broadcast.  Let your friends know about this one. It gets thousands of downloads.  You will be able to subscribe to it on iTunes or any Podcast application.  Listen on our resource page.

No Other Doctrine

I had a live call-in show for over twelve years.  I answered bible questions and defended the faith.  It is a podcast now.  The apologetics radio program No Other Doctrine is available for subscription in iTunes and any podcast application on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.  Do you have questions about your faith?  Come to the Cross and ask me?  I love answering them.  Also, available on our resource page.


We love training people for ministry so much that we founded an online Bible is our platform for serious training. We would love to train you.


Yes, I’m the pester (Pun) and founder of Cross Christian Fellowship of Albuquerque. This church started with five people on Sunday nights in a small Methodist church in June of 2004.

Because I love to train leaders I have been privileged to help launch over 30 churches. I am always looking for men who want to pastor or launch a church.  Send them our way.

Now that you know about me, how about telling me your story. 

I'd love to meet you and hear all the wonderful things God is doing in your life.