Navigating Life From The Cross

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Why you absolutely need a coach - So life doesn't punch you in the face

 You are probably not like most Christians. 

You desire to grow in your new life in Christ and a deeper relationship with Jesus.

In this new life, you must conquer your giants.  You want to know how to overcome fear, anxiety, and negativity.  You yearn to go farther in your life, work, and family.

There is purpose in Christ and you crave to be part of God’s greater plan and to have meaning in life.  Problems, sins, and trials arise in life but you require answers to life’s problems.  There are others you love and want to share your faith with.  This is the place for you.

 Navigating Life From The Cross is a serious discipleship podcast to mentor you in these biblical solutions.  I’m Pastor Scott Thom.  I have discipled thousands as a teacher in several Bible colleges and hundreds in leadership training programs.  This has been a thirty-year passion for me. I have written the book on disciple-making (Discipleship On Fire).  I know how to disciple people in Christ.

We must put on Christ.  It is a decision followed by an action.  Once someone shows you the way then your life will transform.

Join me on this journey to the fullness we have in Christ. 

Smile ~ and make life happen!


Discussion Questions:

  1. How can the concept of "trusting your training" apply to various aspects of life?
  2. What role does mentorship play in helping individuals develop resilience and a Biblical worldview to navigate through life's challenges?
  3. Reflecting on Pastor Scott's experiences, how can we discern the difference between worldly perspectives and Biblical principles when facing difficult situations?

 Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for individuals participating in the "Navigating Life from the Cross" discipleship program to be enriched with wisdom and strength to face life's challenges.
  2. Pray for guidance and discernment for mentors and leaders involved in mentoring programs, so that they may effectively impart Biblical principles and support to those under their guidance.

The Discipleship Book: