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Stop Allowing These 5 Things To Control Your Life

Pastor Scott Thom of Cross Christian Fellowship in Albuquerque NM

 "Stop Allowing These 5 Things To Control Your Life"


Pastor Scott Thom identifies five key attitudes that often control people's lives: letting the past dictate the present and future, being overly concerned with others' opinions, succumbing to critical self-thoughts, allowing finances to dominate decisions, and relying too heavily on relationships for fulfillment. He encourages listeners to break free from these controls by focusing on their new life in Christ, prioritizing God's opinion, rejecting negative self-perceptions, using money wisely in service of God, and finding ultimate fulfillment in God rather than in relationships.


Discussion Questions:

 How have you allowed your past to influence your present and future?

In what ways do you struggle with seeking approval from others rather than God?

What negative beliefs about yourself do you need to let go of?

How do you currently view money in relation to God's plan for your life?

Are you overly dependent on relationships for happiness and fulfillment?


Prayer Points:

 Pray for the strength to release the grip of the past and embrace the new life God has for you.

Ask God for clarity to distinguish His opinion from the opinions of others in your life.

Seek God's guidance in reshaping your self-perception according to His truth and love.

Pray for wisdom in managing finances according to God's will and purposes.

Surrender your need for relationships to God, asking Him to be your ultimate source of fulfillment and joy.

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Praise Through The Dark Mist Song - Lift My Soul

Praise Through The Dark Mist - Lift My Soul

Lost in shadows dull and cold
World so dark fear takes hold
Jesus light break through haze
Guide me through these heavy days

[Verse 2]
Chains of doubt keep me low
Heart so heavy spirit slow
Whisper softly in my ear
Cast away this crippling fear

Praise Jesus hope arise
See your glory in the skies
Guitar strums lift me high
Through your love I reach the sky

Storms they rage hearts feel weight
Jesus you the open gate
Guide me through let me see
All the love you have for me

[Verse 3]
Hope in every whispered prayer
Feel your presence everywhere
Mountains move seas will part
In your love I feel my start

Praise Jesus hope arise
See your glory in the skies
Guitar strums lift me high
Through your love I reach the sky