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No Other Doctrine is a prerecorded apologetics Bible answer show hosted by Pastor Scott Thom of Cross Christian Fellowship in Albuquerque, N.M. We teach you to answer questions about Christianity and give Reasons for your faith. Topics include Bible questions, Faith, Religion, Christian philosophy, Jesus, God, Cults, Theology, and so much more. Pastor Scott also has a ministry training college for pastors and leaders.
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Jul 17, 2019


11:49 - Who is the Lord talking to and is He referring to what is going to happen to Sodom and Gomorrah when He says "shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do?"

22:05 - What does 2 Peter 1:5-9 mean? Do the things in these verses happen in the order they are listed in? How do we add these things to our lives? If we lack these things and are blind, what do we do?

28:11 - What is the Kabbalah? Does it have anything to do with Scripture?

34:00 - In a book written about the Gospel of Thomas, the author states that the title of Messiah is used for a human role not for God, is that correct?

Jul 10, 2019


10:20 - How do you know that our God is real? How can you prove His existence

14:44 - If God is loving, why would He send people to Hell?

22:43 - Are Crusades a wast of time and money? What did they accomplish?

38:22 - If God is loving, how is it loving to force Homosexuals to not get married?

Jul 2, 2019


1:38 - How do you know God is real? How can you prove His existence?

8:11 - What would you say to someone in the position of not hearing from God when praying about His will in something?

13:22 - What is your take on the Rapture?

19:51 - Can you recommend some materials that speak against evolution?

31:21 - How did the woman with the familiar spirit call Samuel for Saul? I was under the impression that when the spirit departed from the body it was with God?

Jun 18, 2019


2:50 -I think a lot of people have the opinion of Christianity or Christians being close minded, what would you say to people who believe that?

6:10 - Who are the original people? Africans? Jews?

19:53 - What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? What kind of changes should I be looking for after getting baptized?

37:05 - who wrote the book of John?

40:45 - Does a soul exist before conception or is your soul place in your body during conception?

44:30 - Is it okay to pray to Jesus or call Him Yeshua?

Jun 12, 2019

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9:06 -Is there more demonic activity going on during Halloween because it it on a weekend as opposed to the rest of the year? You spoke about the kids dressing up for Halloween, but what about adults? For the past 20 years I've seen a lot more parents dressing up, why do you think that is?

17:17 - Did you know that the Navajo Nation is not celebrating Halloween anymore?

23:32 - What is the importance of Baptism?

30:34 - Why is the tribe of Manasseh referred to as the half tribe?

36:00 - A lot of Native Americans and Spanish celebrate the day of the dead, what do you think about it?

39:34 - Who is the man talked about in Isaiah 17:7? Is this someone in the Bible or is he not here yet?

May 29, 2019

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5:23 - Once your saved can you lose your Salvation?

16:48 - What is the book that God refers to in Exodus 32?

22:01 - Can you explain James 2:20­-24?

33:40 - Can you walk away from your salvation?

42:55 - My Son walked away from the Lord when he was 13 years old. Now his children are concerned about his salvation. What can I say to encourage them?

May 21, 2019

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5:38 - What do you do if you agree with a teacher on all they teach except for one that you do not agree with?

16:31 - Can you expound on 1 Corinthians 10:23?

32:11 - What is the perfect law of liberty talked about in the book of James?

May 14, 2019


12:24 - Are the words, sacred and pear, referring to judgment or correction when used in Matthew 7:6? Also is swine in reference to people?

24:22 - Is God jealous? If He is, what does that mean and what does that imply?

29:38 - In Matthew 28:18-19 Jesus gave the Great Commission, which included baptizing disciples, how is it that Paul can state in 1 Corinthians 1:7 that God did not send him to baptize, but to preach the Gospel?

May 7, 2019

Main Topic:

Christian Science


10:03 - When was the lease given to Satan?

18:30 - Why is it that no one talks about Ishmael breaking away from the tribe and creating the Islamic or Arabic tribe?

30:08 - Is cremation biblical, does scripture speak against it?

33:04 - Can you explain the meaning of “the second death”?

38:14 - Would it be considered desecrating the Temple of the Holy Spirit to get a tattoo?

May 1, 2019


1:54 - In Isiah 28 9-13 what does it mean studying precept by precept, line upon line a little here, a little there? It seems like what we are doing with Bible study which is a good thing, but in verse 13 it says they might go and fall backwards and be broken, snared and taken and it looks like to me in the context of God judging Israel, but what does it mean?

13:49 - Could you help me find a reference in the Bible about Peter’s crucifixion?

18:11 - Why isn’t the sabbath not honored on Saturday?

29:04 - What is the fullness of the Gentiles in Romans 11:25?

34:33 - How do we know that Jesus was crucified on a cross rather than a stake?

36:48 - Which Bible do the Jehovahs Witness use? Are the NIV and the NCV good translations of the Bible?

Apr 23, 2019


2:27 - If there is a great gulf between Earth and Heaven, why would they be able to see our sorrow and the things going on here? Will God allow them to feel sorrow since Heaven is perfect?

12:57 - Does God view a couple who have had a child that are not married as married?

41:51 - Which is the correct doctrine: Arminianism or Calvanism?

47:48 - I struggle with anger and continue in sin, am I a reprobate?

Apr 2, 2019


2:44 - Is it okay to have a tattoo? Doesn't Revelation talk about Jesus having a tattoo on His thigh?

16:24 - I've been diagnosed with PTSD and all these Doctors want to do is put me on drugs, where can I turn to in the Bible for God's medicine?

33:15 - What do you say to people who say a panel of people picked only the most attractive books to put into the Bible and the rest they left out?

38:50 - My daughter-in-law's brother-in-law killed himself a few months ago and I was asked to pray for him. What Scriptures can I give to help them understand that it is wrong to pray for the dead?

Mar 26, 2019


11:47 - I have co-workers, one who is gay, but seeking God, another a Jehovah's Witness and one other a Mormon, all whom seem to be non-judgmental. As a Christian do I evangelize to them? Should I develop a friendship with her in context of work and share with her? What is the correct doctrinal approach?

30:01 - I am afraid to lose my salvation, even though I am walking the walk, what do I do?

35:05 - Why are other religions allowed to marry, but a Catholic Priest is not? Did Peter start the Catholic Church?

Mar 20, 2019


2:33 - Does God live outside the dimension of time? Is this how He knows the end from the beginning? What are angels? Do they live in time like we do?

21:16 - With all the different religions and belief systems in the world, I have a hard time believing we are the right one. Do you think Christians have parts right and others may have parts right that we don't realize are right?

28:02 - What is the consequence of committing sin knowingly? 

38:19 - Does the Lord erase parts of our mind when we go to Heaven, like the pain we endured on the Earth?

Mar 12, 2019


2:54 - Can you help me understand the order and linking of names in 1 Chronicles 4:16?

8:16 - How can someone who has the Holy Spirit dwelling in them not be convicted of sin? Would that person be in danger of losing their salvation?

22:58 - Is the morning after pill considered abortion?

25:48 - Do you believe that someone can lose their salvation? Which Scriptures back that up?

42:18 - Did Peter ever lose his Apostleship?

Mar 6, 2019


2:33 - Can you explain Hebrews 6:9?

19:09 - How would someone know if God shut them out and left them to the world? Would a person know when God gives up on them?

23:29 - If the anti-christ is alive today, does he know that he is the anti-christ?

28:36 - Who are the chosen, the elect, the predestined, the called, the adopted and the foreknown?

38:18 - How do I overcome sin in my life?

Feb 26, 2019


2:57 - How did Scripture get to us? How did these guys remember all these things to write them down?

20:25 - Are the Martyrs that John sees as he is being given the revelation from God a past event or are they already present with the Lord?

27:40 - Can you expound on James 1:5?

33:08 - What does James 1:26-27 mean? Is it talking about a specific religion?

39:42 - My sister recently lost her job and I've been living with her for a year in an exclusive apartment. I am a little conflicted what should I do, stay and continue to help or should I leave?

45:25 - How do you make sense about the different versions/translation of the Bible and the Trinity?

Feb 19, 2019


2:49 - In the new kingdom are there going to be animal sacrifices?

9:41 - Recap question from last week about eternal security.

22:53 - Once we die we go before the Lord, but what about those that are asleep?

28:51 - Are you saved as long as you ask God to forgive you even though you may sin the same sin over and over? Does there come a time when God says enough is enough?

38:45 - How are we to be obedient to those above us?

Feb 5, 2019


1:50 - During the thousand year reign who is going to be left to populate the Earth?

16:21 - Did the surrounding people hear God's voice when Jesus was baptized and the Father said, "This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased."

23:35 - Do you have to make a choice to be demon possessed? If you do, why were children possessed when they weren't old enough to be accountable?

32:11 - After the tribulation period, do the perfected saints help repopulate the Earth?

35:13 - Does 1 Samuel 28:19 say that Saul was a saved person?

40:33 - Do Hebrews 6:45 and 2 Peter 2:20 relate to eternal security?

Jan 29, 2019

Main Topic:

The end of the world and beyond


1:55 - Revelation talks about the tribulation period and oceans turning to blood and the sea life dying, could this be because of earthquakes and oil coming up from the crust?

6:59 - Why are we to worship God for eternity when we get to Heaven?

19:07 - Ho is it that David can offer sacrifices to God in 2 Samuel 6:17 when he was not a Levite?

24:12 - If you die now, where do you go and explain the Millennium?

Jan 15, 2019

Main Topic:

The Greater Good


1:40 - How do you respond to someone who does not believe in tithing, especially when they just point out that they are struggling to pay their bills? How do you convince them to trust in God to provide for them financially?

15:00 - Does the greater good idea have a biblical basis or is cut and dry, good versus evil?

Jan 8, 2019

Main Topic:

Walking in obedience


2:37 - I'm having trouble reading the Bible and praying, have I fallen away from God? How can I get back to God and my hardened heart softened?

11:00 - In Acts 26:23 it talks about Jesus being the first to rise from the dead, wasn't Lazarus the first?

17:22 - Are we supposed to tithe on Net or Gross? What about when we get a loan, are we supposed to tithe 10% of what we are loaned?

28:46 - How do we balance out our walk with the world?

Dec 18, 2018

Main Topic:

Salvation and Sanctification


2:41 - I was wondering in regards to Hebrews 6:4, if the people knew the Lord and fell away from Him, or is it once saved always saved?

14:06 - What should we do as a Christian when we don't know who to vote for?

22:28 - Can your name be removed from the Book of Life as it says in Revelation 22:19? What about John 10:28?

29:51 - Does God honor a fast of any amount of time?

36:41 - How do you take off the old self to renew the mind and put on the new self. What is our role?

40:19 - My family and I come from a health and wealth type of church and I am curious if I should still fellowship with my family and friends that still belong to this church?

42:43 - Didn't Judas repent?

Dec 12, 2018

Main Topic:

Standing honorably


1:51 - In the book of James it talks about being honorable to stand trough trials, what exactly is that talking about?

12:59 - Is it possible that Mary the mother of Jesus didn't believe that He was the Savior?

19:08 - Can you speak about John the Baptists situation?

26:20 - How do I give an answer to Genesis 3:22 and Exodus 24:10 when Mormons use these verses to back up their beliefs?

Dec 5, 2018

Main Topic:

What being a servant of the Lord and suffering look like


2:38 - Why will being a servant to God make me truly happy?

13:35 - Do we know how long Joseph and Nicodemus were around or did they know that their names were being referred to as the two that put Jesus in his tomb?

22:21 - Can we use what Jesus told His disciples, "anything you say in My name," for us today?

After Job died do you think he met his children in the after life?

31:57 - How long did Job suffer for?

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