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Control These 7 Factors to Make a Huge Life Impact

Pastor Scott Thom's video emphasizes seven impactful factors to change one's life significantly:

  • Build Beliefs: Establish foundational beliefs to guide decisions and perspectives, drawing parallels to building a house on solid ground.
  • Seek Knowledge: Pursue wisdom actively through learning and growth, applying knowledge wisely in life.
  • Be Kind: Emphasize kindness and compassion as transformative actions that benefit both the giver and receiver.
  • Hard Work: Highlight the importance of diligent effort and work ethic in achieving success and fulfillment.
  • Be Thankful: Cultivate gratitude for current blessings and maintain a positive outlook on life.
  • Choose Friends Wisely: Surround oneself with positive influences and supportive relationships.
  • Enjoy God: Foster a meaningful relationship with God, finding joy and purpose in His presence and direction.
Discussion Questions:
  1. Which of these factors resonate most with you right now? Why?
  2. In what ways can you apply Pastor Scott Thom's teachings to improve your daily life?
  3. How can you actively incorporate these principles into your relationships and work?
Prayer Points:
  1. Pray for wisdom and discernment to build strong foundational beliefs.
  2. Ask for the desire and discipline to seek knowledge and grow spiritually.
  3. Seek God's guidance in showing kindness and compassion to others.
  4. Pray for diligence and strength to work hard and honor God in all endeavors.
  5. Express gratitude to God for His blessings and ask for a thankful heart.
  6. Pray for wisdom in choosing friends and influences that align with God's purpose.
  7. Pray to commit daily to experiencing God's presence and seeking His joy in life.


What is best in this video? Pastor Scott Thom, life transformation, personal growth, building beliefs, seeking knowledge, kindness and compassion, hard work ethic, gratitude practice, choosing friends wisely, enjoying God's presence.

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Overcoming the Shadows - Inspirational Song with Lyrics


In the shadow of fear I stand alone
But with Jesus here I find my home

[Verse 2]
Anxiety fades in the light He brings. Hope
in my heart as my spirit sings

Oh Jesus lifts me high
No fear can hold me down
Your grace is my reply
In You my peace is found

[Verse 3]
Through stormy nights a guiding hand
With every step I understand

[Verse 4]
In Your embrace my worries cease
Your love provides eternal peace

Oh Jesus lifts me high
No fear can hold me down
Your grace is my reply
In You my peace is found

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