August 31
Sunday 5:00 PM
A weekly Bible study in Spanish for Spanish speakers. Currently no childcare available
Main Campus: Classroom 01 10'x20' classroom east side closest to the sanctury
September 06
Saturday 9:00 AM
Bible based financial education designed to remove obstacles that prevent people from fullfilling their God given purposes on this earth.
Offering training in ownership, stewardship and generosity.
Education, training, equipping and mentoring.
All materials are provided by True North free of charge.
Lunch provided by CCF.
Main Campus: Kitchen
Main Campus: Sanctuary
September 07
Sunday 1:00 PM
Every year we have a great time picnicing in the Carolino Canyon Picnic Grounds as a church family. All are welcome to join us in a potluck style bbq picnic. Volleyball, tetherball and horseshoes are provided. Bring chairs, umbrellas if desires or whatever you need to have a great time in the summer fun!
Carolino Canyon Picnic Grounds
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